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full paleo food list

meat, seafood & eggs INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: – Beef – Bison – Boar – Buffalo – Chicken – Duck – Eggs – Game meats – Goat – Goose – Lamb – Mutton – Ostrich – Pork – Quail – Rabbit – Squab – Turkey – Veal – Venison – Catfish – Carp – […]

what is paleo?

1 introduction to paleo Paleo is a lifestyle that tries to mimic the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, because they suffered from fewer diseases than us. The truth is, we still have more or less the same genetic make-up as them, but have more diseases, why?. The nutritionists and medical researchers find the biggest reason […]

Are Your Genes Keeping You Fat?

Insulin is the fat storage hormone that is produced by the pancreas; it allows our cells to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood. Once enough glucose is absorbed for energy, the rest is stored as fat for future use. Insulin also prevents hyperglycemia (when your blood sugar level is too high) and hypoglycemia (when your […]