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how to detox from sugar

over the past few decades, people were brainwashed into thinking that fat made you sick and overweight. well as it turns out, it is sugar not fat that causes obesity. there are more and more conclusive studies to prove this fact. the progression of the keto diet and the paleo diet have meant that more […]

The Long term effects of the ketogenic diet : part 2

Kidney stones and kidney damage Many people assume that the kidneys might be affected because of the increase in their workload, by having to filter ketones, urea and ammonia.There is no evidence that supports this notion that the kidneys might be affected because of the increase in workload. Dehydration (which is linked to kidney damage) […]

The Long term effects of the ketogenic diet : part 1

Insulin resistance After going on a ketogenic diet for some time, if you try to reintroduce carbs back into your system, you will experience insulin resistance. The body would probably have adjusted to a fat burning metabolism and would need to take time before it can go back to a glucose fueled metabolism Appetite suppression […]

shifting you metabolism to ketone based

  Different sources of fuel and how the body uses them   The body’s different tissues will use a given fuel relative to its concentration in the blood stream. For example, if your blood sugar levels are high then you have a lot of glucose in your bloodstream, consequently your body tissues will use more […]

what are ketones

understanding what ketones are   Ketone bodies are acetone, beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate (AcAc). The incomplete breakdown of free fatty acids (FFA) in the liver causes a condensation of acetyl-CoA which in turn results in the production of acetoacetate (AcAc) and beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB).   The role of ketones within the body   Ketone bodies have […]

what is a ketogenic diet?

Understanding the ketogenic diet   A ketogenic diet is any diet that causes the body’s metabolism to stop using glucose and start using fat as a source of energy. The diet causes the liver to start producing ketone bodies. A keto diet restricts the number of carbs to 100 grams per day, with the amount […]

how many carbs should i eat

It’s important that you remember, that carbohydrates control insulin and insulin controls fat storage, so carbohydrates control fat storage. This correlation between carbohydrates and fat storage is important, because if you control your carbohydrate intake you will lose weight quickly. Consuming the right kind of carbohydrates will also help improve your health at the same […]

full paleo food list

meat, seafood & eggs INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: – Beef – Bison – Boar – Buffalo – Chicken – Duck – Eggs – Game meats – Goat – Goose – Lamb – Mutton – Ostrich – Pork – Quail – Rabbit – Squab – Turkey – Veal – Venison – Catfish – Carp – […]

what is paleo?

1 introduction to paleo Paleo is a lifestyle that tries to mimic the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, because they suffered from fewer diseases than us. The truth is, we still have more or less the same genetic make-up as them, but have more diseases, why?. The nutritionists and medical researchers find the biggest reason […]

Are Your Genes Keeping You Fat?

Insulin is the fat storage hormone that is produced by the pancreas; it allows our cells to absorb glucose (sugar) from the blood. Once enough glucose is absorbed for energy, the rest is stored as fat for future use. Insulin also prevents hyperglycemia (when your blood sugar level is too high) and hypoglycemia (when your […]